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Originally known as Lynn, Boston Station was founded in 1855 by the Licking River Lumber and Mining Company, whose stockholders were residents of Boston, Massachusetts. Boston is located between US 27 and the Licking River, east of Butler in Pendleton County's northcentral end.1
You might say that there are a lot of dead people in Boston Station because there are three cemeteries The Kirby Family Cemetery, the Bonar Cemetery and the Boston Union Church Cemetery but that wouldn't be fair. It just means that, over the years, they have been better at keeping records than a lot of places. 2, 3, 4 "Gabrial Mullins, a Revolutionary Soldier, resided here, when he came from Virginia to Kentucky in 1790. He had a family of ten sons and daughters, all who settled in Pendleton County and raised their families here. His grave in the Bonar Cemetery was marked by the Daughters of the American Revolution in 1937." 5
There was money to be made from milling the vast forests in Pendleton County and Boston Station being so close to transport, via the Licking River was ideal. There is much bigger Boston in Nelson County, Kentucky but this is Boston Station in Pendleton County.
Incorporated in February 1868 6 and once a quite busy place, Boston Station can say what so many once-upon-a-time hectic towns in Pendleton County echo, "Not much left of the old town anymore. Just a wide spot in the road."7

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