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Caddo, formerly known as Pine Grove, is located in the northeastern part of Pendleton County , just south of Mt. Auburn and southwest of Holt's Creek. 1 The Caddo Post Office, which was in operation from 1887 'til 1903, is now referred to as 'historical' which is the official way of saying it's not there anymore. 2 One of the most-known things is the Pine Grove United Methodist Church which is on KY 10 between Morford Road and Concord-Caddo Road. 3 Not able to find much info about Caddo's founding but there were definitely folks in the area at the time of the Civil War as Eugene Cox was buried at the Cox Cemetery between Caddo & Concord in January of 1863 and Julina Cox in August of 1864. 4

1] Caddo Map Satellite Images of Caddo

2] Caddo Post Office (historical)

3] Pine Grove United Methodist Church

4] E. E. Barton Cemetery between Caddo & Concord

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