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The city of Carntown no longer exists. The town was leveled in the early 1960s when Black River Mining Company established the Carntown Limekiln to produce crushed stone. It was located at the extreme northeastern end of Pendleton County at the end of HWY154 and Kentucky Route 8 at the Ohio River just north of where Jimmie Creek meets Stepstone Creek. 1 Prior to being named Carntown, it was known as Motier' , not called 'Barkerís Landing' (It was never "Barker's Landing." That name applied to the landing 1.80 miles westbound on the C & O and situated directly across the river from Moscow, Ohio. When the Barkers sold the ferry license to the Judds, it became Judd's Landing, then South Moscow, then Dunblaine and then Ivor. Nothing exists there today, 2 then 'Stepstone' (for Stepstone Creek, named 1793, presumably for the creek bed's similarity to 'stepping stones' ) then 'Motier' then 'Stepstone' again then 'Motier' again until 1891 when it got the name of 'Carntown' probably for the postmaster, Jacob Carnes. In 1959, the land Carntown was on was purchased from Matilda Vornhagen Timmerwilke by Black River Mining. 3 ("Stepstone Landing" was the name used by steamboats up until 1885.) 4

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