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Colemansville was thought to be in the southwestern part of Pendleton County, so far south that, like Durbintown, much further you'll be in Harrison County...or was it? 1 The area was sparsely settled and mapmaking wasn't entirely accurate at the time. You might look at the 1857 map and think "That southern Pendleton County boundary is wrong". And you'd be right. From 1859 onward, maps correctly show Colemansville completely in Harrison County. It was only in Pendleton County as long as the maps were wrong. Very little is known about Colemansville these days. It had no post office. But it did have a church and shared a 'circuit preacher', William Lenox, with Mt. Moriah, fifty years, Antioch Mills, forty-three years; Oakland, forty-eight years; Pleasant Hill, twenty years; Fairview, and Colemansville. There's really no mention of it past the 1800s. Colemansville is still there, just quiet. It has a church and one small store but Colemansville's still going.

1] Colemansville 1857

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