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Concord, formerly called Penhurst, is located east of Falmouth on HWY 159 slightly west of Kincaid Lake State Park and just south of the junction of HWY 159 and HWY 609. 1 "It was a very small town, but consisted of several businesses, a post office, saw mill, telephone switch board service, blacksmith shop and church. Raymond Fields was the postmaster. The post office later became a general store because the post office in Falmouth started making rural deliveries and this post office was not needed. After this change the town became known as Concord and is still know as Concord to this day.…In Concord there was a sulfur spring well. Everyone always said it smelled like rotten eggs. It is over 200 years old and over 100 feet deep. (A new bridge was put over the creek in 1982 and the well was capped.) " 2 In 1968, "The United Methodist Church was created on April 23…when The Evangelical United Brethren Church and The Methodist Church united to form a new denomination. " 3 There had been Methodism in the area since 1801 but in 1844 The Concord Methodist Church was built. It served the people well for many years but in 1906 a new church was constructed. 4 The (United) Concord Methodist Church (building) is over 110 years old. 5 "What once seemed to be a growing town is now only a church and a few houses. Penhurst could not withstand the change. With the decrease of business activity and the change of name to Concord." 6

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