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When Grant County was created by the Kentucky General Assembly in 1820, the saw mill built by David Robinson at Crooked Creek on Scaffold Lick fork, was a boundary marker dividing Pendleton from the newly-formed Grant County. 1Crooked Creek is in far southwestern Pendleton County , a next-door neighbor to Marcus. 2 They say you can find anything on the internet. Then they haven't searched for the history of Crooked Creek. Or Peach Grove. Or Carntown. So imagine the expectation when a 'Crooked Creek, KY' Google search produced a website and Facebook page devoted to Crooked Creek in Pendleton County, Kentucky. Sadly, none of the website's links worked and the Facebook page hasn't been updated in nearly five years so an afternoon's search only yielded that, at some point in time, someone named 'Miller' lived in Crooked Creek. 3 The major search return was for Marcus-Crooked Creek Baptist Church , at HWY 330 and Jack's Branch Road, which was established in 1836. There's a small cemetery behind the church (emphasis on 'small'). There are only three gravestones behind the church 4 We also learned that there is a Crooked Creek Baptist Church in Athens, Georgia; 5 a Crooked Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery on Crooked Creek Church Road in Goose Creek Township, Union County, North Carolina 6 a Crooked Creek United Presbyterian Church in Pennsylvania; 7a Crooked Creek State Park in Pennsylvania; 8a Crooked Creek Guest Ranch in Wyoming; 9and a Crooked Creek Youth Ranch in Colorado. 10
But Crooked Creek in Pendleton County, Kentucky? Keep looking.

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