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Everyday Stuff

Photo by Lisa Arnold

'Got your ears on?'

Photo from Russell Whitson


This is not your
Grandma's iron skillet...
(Well maybe it is)

Around here, calling
iced tea 'Sweet Tea'
is kinda redundant
(all over again)

''ping, ping, ping''

6 quarts?
That's all?

''Nobody does it
like Kentucky.''

Evidently, Falmouth
wasn't bustling when
this photo was taken

Wool Festival
drawing by Jeffrey Unthank

Which way to go....

State Flag
of Kentucky

How many know
what this is
and what it's for?

The Kentucky Cardinal

Were you in
the PHS Marching Band?
Remember Camp Crescendo?

Tulip Poplar
Kentucky State Tree

Kentucky State Flower
Photo by Daryl Mitchell
originally posted to Flickr

1931 Frigidaire

Once upon a time...
there were things
called 'phone booths'

Kentucky Bass

Photo from Steve Blades

Ever see
another clock
like this one?

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