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PHS School Song

lyrics by Jenny Fogle
music by Tom Barnard


Hail, Hail for our School
Pendleton Memorial is its name
Hail, Hail for our team
Pendleton Wildcats bring us fame
Red, Black, and White are our colors
Of our mighty team
Fight, Fight, Fight
No School will ever top us
'Cause the Wildcats are Supreme.

PHS School Emblem


The P.H.S. emblem is the shape of Pendleton County divided by the Main Licking and the South Licking. Where these rivers meet we find Pendleton County High School. There are four symbols on the emblem: the torch for leadership, the balance for citizenship, the book for knowledge, and the burley because it is one of the chief money-making crops of Pendleton County. This emblem was designed by Ms. Louise Cordray, Ms. Julia Monroe, Ms. Ava Lou Gulick, Mr. Ray Hogg, and Mr. Reddus Back in 1959. The emblem is found on the senior class ring and on the school flag.

PHS Flag

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Photo from Ronnie Wolfe

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